Online training

200€ / 1 month




This plan consists of 12+ trainings, tailored to your goals and needs.

Online collaboration is designed to be the most effective way to learn how to perform the technique correctly, give your maximum and feel better in everyday life. The package includes 12+ workouts that are not strictly limited to the gym, but you can do them in the comfort of your home or office.
Each training is tailored exclusively to your needs and goals and includes the following:

  • Description of the exercise procedure
  • Video of the correct performance of the exercise
  • Series number
  • Number of repetitions
  • Break time
  • Special notes
  • Constant communication with the coach

The biggest advantage of online training is that you do not have to coordinate the training date with the trainer, but you can perform it at any time and in the environment that suits you best, following the given instructions.

Activation of this package implies login on the site. Before you start, all you need to do is fill out the questionnaire you receive at your email address.

  • Exercise anywhere
  • Exercise anytime
  • Customizable plan
  • Easy to register

Online trening


I have the most knowledge of the following:


Training progression


Increasing muscular size


Reducing body fat


Strength development


Nutrition & Supplements


Dejan Savić
Dejan Savić

I followed Marko on Instagram and wanted to train with him. Since I live in Switzerland, the only way is online training. Honestly, I was hesitant but after consulting with Mark, he exceeded all my expectations. His very approach where you get personalized attention and dedicated time to listen to you and make an effort to understand your goals, limitations, and standard of living is the reason for choosing him for cooperation (in addition to his obvious knowledge). After only 2 months I saw an incredible improvement in my strength and endurance. I've lost almost 6 pounds, sticking to about 90% of what's on the diet plan. Whatever your goals, there's no going wrong with Marko.

Sanela Obućina
Sanela Obućina

I graduated from medicine 6 years ago and I can say that I am very impressed with the knowledge and services of this personal trainer and nutritionist. I met Marko in his academy class and saw that he has a great understanding of anatomy and physiology. He knows how to lead people to achieve optimal health through exercise and nutrition. If someone had told me that a person with a degree in sports could have such knowledge about physiology, I wouldn't have believed him. He is very thorough, professional, and sincerely cares about the health of his clients, so it was not difficult for me to become one of them.

Bojan Belić
Bogdan Belić

I started training with Marko about 8 months ago and have made incredible results. I changed my eating habits, from a diet based on sugar and fast food to almost not eating it at all. His knowledge of training and nutrition is second to none, which is why he is one of the leading professionals in his field.

Tamara Janković
Tamara Janković

After my first pregnancy, I had problems with excess weight and contacted a nutritionist for help, but I received a diet plan that was not suitable for me and the child (given that the body's needs were greater because I gave birth). A month later, I contacted Marko, with whom I have had a successful collaboration for almost 2 years (became a mother for the second time, so, with a little break). I didn't train during the last 3 months of pregnancy, but I gained significantly less weight than in the first. Also, I maintain my physical appearance at a level that suits me, and I have never felt better in terms of health. All the hormones are completely fine, and I went through the whole pregnancy much easier, thanks a lot to Mark and his knowledge. All praise for the approach to work, expertise, and knowledge that you selflessly share.

Daniela Isaković
Daniela Isaković

This nutritionist was a lifesaver for me. I struggled with an eating disorder for years until I was referred to Marko, who helped me develop a healthy relationship with food. It provided a completely personalized approach that did not involve restrictive diets or calorie counting. Instead, he focused on helping me understand the effects of different foods and supplements on my body. When I paid for the first cooperation package, I did not expect to receive with it a person who is an encyclopedia of information that he selflessly shares. I highly recommend Mark to anyone struggling with similar issues.