About ME!


My name is Marko and I am a personal fitness coach and nutritionist.

After I finished high school for a pharmacy technician, I continued my education at a faculty for sports and then extended my love for sport and nutrition to personal coaching in order to help people create healthy habits, improve and maintain their health and reach their desired physical appearance by practising my personalized exercise and nutritional programs.

Programs are designed to track your progress and development constantly and help you become the best version of yourself.

We live in times when contemporary and fast programs offer instant results, but I wish to motivate more people to permanent change and long-term results, people who would not just try but commit themselves to a goal.

Achieving a goal requires persistence. I wish to motivate you to do that extra set and challenge you to go beyond.

60k+Instagram views per month
12+Years in sports
6+Years of experience

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I have the most  knowledge of the following:


Reducing body fat


Improvement of blood parameters 100%


Hormonal imbalance treatments


Hypertrophy (increase and growth of muscle cells)