Best gyms in Dubai

best gyms in Dubai

best gyms in Dubai

If you’re among those who have decided to start workout from this Monday, we’ll make it easier for you to find the perfect place for “torture”.

Of course, in addition to location, price, and equipment, the interior also plays an important role in choosing a gym. These and many other questions also play an important role, we will try to write something for each of them.

Therefore, we have made your job easier and found the best gyms in Dubai with different profiles, prices, and interiors. What they all have in common is that their space is thoughtfully decorated and they have an eye for detail and they try to create a pleasant environment for exercise.

Seven gym

We’ll start with perhaps the best gym in Dubai. This is a place that brings together the most successful elite in Dubai, so you can expect a diverse profile of people: from business people to very avid fitness enthusiasts.

In the lower part of the gym, there is a section for functional training and Crossfit, while in the upper part there are equipment and free weights.

seven gym dubai

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There are all the machines you need for a good workout, and maybe more importantly — they’re all new. There is also a section for martial arts fans, who can train on a bag or in a boxing ring.

As for the price, the last time I was in this gym there was an option to pay membership fees only annually. If I’m not mistaken, it was a little over 7,000 dirhams.

Adress is Al Manara road, exit 43.

Warehouse gym

Warehouse gym is deservedly one of the best gyms in Dubai. It is located in 8 great locations. The price is around 600 dirhams per month, if you pay extra you will be able to use the gym in all 3 locations. My personal choice was a gym located in Al Quiz, on Umm Suqeim road.

It is a bit darker compared to other gyms and simply has a working atmosphere. It has a CrossFit section and in addition several boxing bags and a boxing ring. In the upper part, there is a part where you can rest and drink a protein shake.

warehouse gym dubai

The second warehouse gym that I visited regularly is located on JBR beach, it is much smaller than the first one, but it was mostly less crowded. On the upper floor, there is a functional part where the only problem is that sometimes the temperature is too low. Two rowing machines are located outdoors and before the covid, there was a part of the gym on the beach (hopefully they will reopen it). Ritual with C4 before training, strength training, and after that resting on JBR beach is something you should not miss.


GymNation is located at 5 locations in Dubai.

This is a real example of what a gym looks like that takes its job seriously. All GymNation gyms are large and offer a variety of content, from a variety of group workouts including Les Mills, yoga, spinning, boxing, and Zumba to a large selection of personal trainers.
In their fitness centers, you can try over 200 free classes per month.

It is one of the most affordable gyms in Dubai, especially when it comes to price-quality. Prices are so low that they start at 100 dirhams a month.

Each of their gyms has a large assortment of machines and free weights, so a good workout is guaranteed.
It is up to you to choose the location and start today.

My recommendation is to visit the gym located on Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St – Al Mankhool.

Train SF

One of my favorite gyms.

The largest Train gym is located at 6 4th street Al Quiz, while the other two are slightly smaller but do not lag behind this one. If you want a working atmosphere you are in the right place. Plenty of machines, a free weights room, and a martial arts room are some of the things that make this gym stand out.

train sf gym dubai

After training, you can play a game of billiards on the top floor or have a drink. There is also a supplement store within the gym. Parking spaces are plentiful, across from the gym.

The other two locations are also worth mentioning, one located in Dubai’s Zabeel Mall, the other on La Mer Beach. I only visited the gym at Zabell Mall a few times because of the crowds, but the gym at La Mer with its private pool and beach access is really a game-changer.

The price is about 600 dirhams per one, ie about 800 dirhams for using all 3 gyms. PS: Women have a discount.

Binous Gym

This is a bodybuilder’s paradise. If you follow the social channels of famous fitness and bodybuilder icons, you will likely meet them right here.
The gym offers a whole range of different machines so no matter which muscle you want to isolate here it won’t be difficult.
Here you will find the best atmosphere for weightlifting if you are deeply immersed in this sport.

The price varies depending on how much you want to pay the membership fee in advance, while the monthly membership fee is about 500 dirhams.

Location is 12 Al Rasaas Rd – Al Quoz.

binous gym dubai

Other gym worth mention


This is a gym that extends to definitely most locations in Dubai. If you have visited GymNation gyms, I am sure you will like fitness first. A large selection of different trainers is one of the things that makes this gym stand out.


If I’m not mistaken, this gym is located in only one location – in Dubai Sports City (The Academies).

Another gym with a great offer and parking in front. The whole complex includes courts for various games, so this is a big plus.

Ultimate performance gym

This gym stands out with one of the largest selections of personal trainers in Dubai.

The location is Emirates Financial Towers – 5 Al Sukook Street. Prices are slightly higher than usual for Dubai.

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