Benefits of 1 on 1 personal training

Benefits of 1 on 1 personal training

So, a couple of blogs earlier I wrote about the benefits of online training.
If you like to train alone or you want completely arbitrary training time, this is very likely a better option for you.
However, many require the attention of the trainer next to them – especially if you are a beginner or want to improve your exercise technique and learn a new one.
In that case, this text is for you. Here are just some of the benefits of working with a personal trainer:

1. Education

In most contacts with people, 1:1 training offers much more time to simplify things (whether it is in the break between exercises or after training) and therefore very likely a better understanding of the matter.
A personal trainer can explain to you why you are doing this particular exercise and at that particular angle, for example.
Knowledge is power, and a well-educated coach in this case can be a magician.

2. Improving the technique of performing exercises

Performing exercises correctly and efficiently can lead to maximizing results. On the other hand, good form when performing exercises is also essential in reducing the risk of injury.
As many of you probably already know, injuries are common in sports, especially in beginners-but they don’t have to be an integral part of the process.
A good coach is there to reduce any chance of injury, both in training and in everyday life.

3. Support

We all often need additional motivation and encouragement to do something that will push us forward, even if it was another repetition.
It is not uncommon for a coach and a client to become friends in the whole process, and a friend who leads you to better health and prolongs life is really good.

4. Free knowledge

Most coaches selflessly share their knowledge, so you often get a lot more advice than what you paid for.
During a 1:1 cooperation, you usually get either a training plan or enough daily advice from trainers that can push you towards becoming an omniscient nutrition machine, but perhaps more importantly – how to apply that knowledge to yourself.

5. Creating habitsPersonal training benefits - create habits

In my opinion (perhaps most importantly), thanks to a good coach, you create new habits. Healthy habits are what permanently change your life, even years after cooperation.
Personally, the knowledge that I have permanently changed someone’s life and life habits for the better — and is more than enough satisfaction to continue doing what I love.
Make sure that your trainer has the experience, a degree from an academy like NASM or ACE, or better yet a degree from a sports college.

As you can see there are many benefits of personal training. If you are interested in potential cooperation with me as your future personal trainer in Dubai, tap on the link and contact me.

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