Personal trainer: Guide how to choose a good one in 2022!

Personal trainer – How to choose a good one in 2021?

  1.  The first thing you need to know is which diplomas your potential trainer holds.

    Has he graduated from sports college, does he have the certificates necessary to work with people like you, and is there any specialization that could help you reach your goal faster?

  2. The second, often more important thing is how much experience they possess.

    Some trainers have a lot of knowledge in theory, but when it needs to be applied in practice, they simply copy the same template to everyone.
    Unfortunately, as you know what works for me will most likely not be for you, so the approach will not even be personalized.

  3. What types of clients do they usually work with?

    Do they have experience with your needs? If they often train people for bodybuilding competitions and you are more interested in fitness or martial arts, then you need to find a person who has more knowledge in these areas.

When a personal trainer should be avoided?

  • If the coach does not ask you about your health and abilities in the first training, such as assessing mobility, strength, insight into previous injuries, etc., it would be wise to find another option.
  • If you see a coach who doesn’t carry a notebook or something to record the exercises you’ve done, it’s very likely that he’s his only client because there’s no way he can remember all the progressions for each person individually.
  • If he doesn’t ask you about your goals, he only works towards what he thinks is good for you. Remember, we are here to make it easier for you to reach your goal.
  • If it guarantees you instant results (especially with various supplements and ingredients), instead of gradually introducing a healthier diet and habits.

Guide to choose personal trainer 2022!If you live in Dubai and searching for a personal trainer who has a bachelor’s degree and NASM certificate – take a look at my coaching characteristics – and if you like it feel free to contact me! 🙂


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