A complete guide if you want to be a personal trainer in Dubai

Personal trainer Dubai

Personal trainer Dubai

Perhaps you live in Dubai, or are planning and considering becoming a personal trainer-either way there are some things you should know. I’m not living in Dubai for a long time (I’ve come and gone many times – enough to understand how the fitness industry works here), but it’s a city that I like very much. If you have similar views about the city, you might want to consider being a personal trainer here. This article will teach you more about it.

Career as a personal trainer in Dubai

The increased demand for qualified personal trainers in Dubai and all around the world has opened up new opportunities for those who aspire to become one.

Working as a personal trainer in Dubai can be an extremely rewarding and lucrative career. If you truly love fitness and want to help people achieve their health and fitness goals with people then this lifestyle is for you.

Dubai is a place where people come to make their dreams come true. A place where anybody can have everything they want, or at least that is what Ii heard.

The increased popularity of exercise and working in the last few years has opened up a world of opportunities for personal trainers in Dubai.

To be honest, female personal trainers are in a better position than males. There are still strictly male-female policies and because of that women are always searching for a female personal trainer.

Competition with other personal trainers

I’ll tell you right away, the competition is HUGE.

The gyms are full of personal trainers, and whether you think you can stand out with your knowledge, good looks, or something else, ask yourself twice.

A bunch of guys and girls compete in fitness and body building and subordinate their whole lives to physical appearance. If you are one of them and you plan to reach your clients that way, you should know that marketing will cost you dearly here (keep reading in section marketing in Dubai Abu Dhabi).

A much better option is to find a gym or a job through it and have them do the marketing for you — in exchange for a certain percentage of personal training sessions. In addition to paying for your visa and living expenses (some also provide cars if you work from home), you will save a lot of money on marketing at the very beginning.

I have been working as an online coach for years and I earn most of my income from that, so I allowed myself the luxury of paying for marketing and advertising on various social networks.

personal trainers Dubai

How to do marketing by yourself?

As I said, it’s going to be expensive. But of course, there are a few ways that are cheap or free.

Instagram, Facebook, and youtube are maybe the best free options.

You can take a picture with some clients (or if you don’t have them yet alone or with a friend) and write down something like:

  • I’m offering free consultation
  • I’m offering a free training session
  • I can help you lose weight fast
  • I am a fat loss expert (if you haven’t, don’t lie, because even if it provides you with a client, they won’t stay long in your personal trainings).

You can also post clients photos of their body transformation (of course with their permission).

If this is too advertising for you, you can make your blog where you are going to write stuff that can convince people that you are the right personal trainer for them.

You need to know that the competition is no weaker in websites, blogs and, similar platforms compared to social networks. Of course, this way you can express yourself more and write longer texts, which gives you more freedom when it comes to marketing as a personal trainer. Here we come to perhaps the most important item.

Highlight your strengths

If you are a weight loss expert, or you have really good knowledge about functional training, resistance training or any kind of sports training-use that!

I was marketing myself as someone who can easily help people achieve their health and fitness goals with my specifically good knowledge when it comes to nutrition advice, building lean muscles, or losing weight. And you know what?

I really did invest years of my life to learn how the body works, and how to give my client maximum results.

My biggest advantage is that iI am a certified personal trainer, I have a bachelor’s degree in sports science and have certifications for giving people nutrition plan. I am a personal trainer for over 9 years now, and in all this time I get a lot of experience and many people achieved fitness goals because of me.

If you know how to easily lose weight and have your own body transformation, or you have any other fitness journey – tell that to people. You’ll be amazed how much people want to hear your story. In the end, you can’t be a weight loss expert if you have never suffered a little with excess weight. 🙂

+ Personal trainer Dubai pro tip for blogger: 

If you are one of those fitness trainers who passed the weight loss phase on his own tart your blog with sentences like this: Maybe you are a little overweight. Don’t worry—I’ve all been there also. You can see my body transformation here (or your clients).

But what if I told you that you could easily lose weight and have your own body transformation? Imagine how happy you’d be when we achieve your fitness goals and get the best possible results?

Among the sea of fitness trainers, you need to work on your personal development every day if you want to be the best personal trainer. Remember, highlight all your strengths.

How much you can earn as a personal trainer in Dubai?

The average salary of a coach in Dubai is around 3000 euros. Of course, the amount of salary is influenced by your previous work experience, how professional you are in the field of fitness and what you have to offer the company, ie gym.

Of the total salary, the fixed part is about a third – between 800 and 1000 euros, while the rest of the salary mainly depends on your number of clients and the percentage that your company gives. Most gyms will usually give you between 30 and 80% of each personal training session. If you plan to work for a gym, this is a very important factor and you need to inquire well first.

If you specialize in a particular area of fitness, you can charge for personal training and more. For example, if you are an expert in strength training, you can find individuals whose only goal is to ask for more money. If you are a bodybuilder you can prepare people for bodybuilding competitions. In my opinion, the most profitable investment of a personal coach in Dubai when it comes to knowledge is to learn how to become a weight loss expert.

Personal trainer earnings in Dubai

Price of personal training sessions

The price is affected by many things.

  • Do you come to the client’s feet or does he come to the gym?
  • Is it a private gym or an open one?
  • Are you already an experienced personal trainer or are you at the beginning of your career?
  • Are you offer classic strength training or do you offer boxing and some other types of workouts?
  • Do you create a nutrition plan or give some advice in addition to personal training?

Of course, there are many more details that could significantly increase the cost of your personal training or bring it down.

On average, the price of one personal training Dubai varies between 300 and 450 dirhams (which is about 70-100 euros).

Maybe you’ve already started to recalculate: so many and so many workouts a day once a week … stop. Not all money is pure earnings.

First, investing in your knowledge of regular seminars and trainings if you do them of course (which I warmly recommend, will come back many times over) will cost you about 10% of total earnings, gym membership and a percentage for clients (this depends on the gym) 10% for freelancers or up to 60-70% for non-freelancers. In addition, there is of course a very expensive life in Dubai.

The price of living in Dubai

For me, the biggest price was changing places and getting used to a different mentality of people. But we will talk about the costs in this part.

If you’re not a UAE resident and your working visa isn’t sponsored by your employer, your first cost will be a plane ticket and resident papers.

Prices of paper for living and working range up to 10,000 dirhams (around 2500 euros).

If the company you work for does not provide you with accommodation or you work as a freelancer, this will most likely be your biggest expense in the beginning.

Personal trainer living in Dubai

Apartment rent costs can range from some 4,000 dirhams (about 1,000 euros) for remote and smaller apartments/rooms to of course very expensive and luxurious villas, which is more typical of Dubai.

If you do not plan to eat in restaurants, the food will not actually cost you much. I would say that food is on average the same price as in the EU.

As for cars (if you don’t work for a company that provides them), the price of a rent a car ranges from some 1,700 dirhams (about 400 euros) for some weaker cars to a few thousand euros for jeeps and luxury cars. Ps: If you haven’t been to Dubai by now, luxury cars can be seen on almost every corner and are truly an attraction.

As for the price of fuel, fuel is really very cheap. Also, if you do not plan to have your own vehicle, the price of subway and bus rides is also very affordable.

How to make more money as a personal trainer in Dubai?

Many people become personal trainers in order to do this as part-time work.

If this is your main job and the main source of income, try to develop it by working on the specialization to stand out from other personal trainers. Also, you will need well-developed marketing methods. By developing your business through social networks, you will open new earning opportunities – you can work as a fitness model or advertise a company’s wardrobe, food, weight loss, muscle gain, or muscle toning supplements.

I work as a lecturer at NASM academy, and as an online trainer as well.

As a lecturer, I meet many new people and make new acquaintances. On the other hand, online training can bring you a nice income, especially now at the time of the crown. If you want to be an online trainer, it is necessary to be noticed on social networks or various websites, more precisely, it will significantly raise your rating.

Offer people to do personal training in the comfort of their own home. If you do not have a problem driving around the city, you can also charge for that time. Many people just don’t like traffic jams or training at a local gym. This whole situation around the epidemic also not helping and they are simply looking for fitness trainers who want to train them in their own home.

Remember, the best personal trainers always adapt to the situation.

Tipical questions about Personal trainers in Dubai and work

If after reading the whole text you still have some ambiguities, feel free to use the contact form on the site to ask me for additional information.

  1. Is there an age limit for employment as a fitness trainer? There is no official age limit, but experience shows that it is very difficult to get a job if you are less than 21 and more than 35 years old.
  2. Is it necessary for people who want to work in the fitness industry in the Emirates to have graduated from the Faculty of Sports or not? Most fitness facilities (gyms) aren’t looking for the diploma of faculty to work as personal trainers in Dubai, but some are. It’s important to know that even if you don’t graduate from the Faculty of Sports, you can still work as a personal trainer in the UAE.
  3. Do you need to be a certified personal trainer to work in Dubai? Yes and no. Some companies looking for a certificate or college degree as one of the strict factors to get a job, some ask for nothing but experience (but this is rare). You will find that most personal trainers in Dubai are certified. If you’re looking to get an international license as a personal trainer in Dubai, it’s important that you have the right credentials and qualifications.
  4. Can you work out in multiple gyms at the same time? If you work as a freelancer, most gym managers will allow you to hold trainings in their lenses for the price of one or several membership fees. If you work for a company, holding personal trainings in several gyms will not be allowed.

Questions that you will get as personal trainers in Dubai

Clients can also ask a-lot of questions in order to get to know their personal trainers better.

  1. How are you planning to help them to achieve theirs fitness goals?
  2. How fast can fitness trainers help them to achieve goals and get them in the best shape?
  3. How many clients have trusted you for guidance on their fitness journey?
  4. Why do you think that female personal trainers are better than males (and vise versa)?
  5. How many of your clients are doing weight loss and can they see what kind of body transformations are others have done?

They can ask other personal trainers in Dubai about your fitness journey and your qualifications so be sure that you are telling the truth when you are doing marketing.

Personal trainers in Dubai and questions

In the end, all our clients just want happy life – and the best trainers to help them with their personal goals, to feel good in their own skin and improve their well being. That’s why we’re here for.

Sometimes it’s going to be fat loss, muscle building, muscle toning, or some other fitness regime. Your job as one of the best personal trainers is to help them in the easiest way possible, without disrupting their usual daily activities.

Personal trainer Dubai: The key takeaway

The key takeaway from this article is that personal training is a field with a lot of competition, but it’s likely that many people are looking for a personal trainer, and very profitable for those who find their way in the fitness industry.

You can stand out by simply offering the best service to your clients and the easiest way to achieve their fitness goals. Work on your marketing, be honest when you’re marketing yourself through your website, be courteous and friendly when meeting your clients, and have good communication skills.

I hope that after reading this you are at least one step closer to becoming one of the best personal trainers and that I helped you along the way.

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